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  Affiliated Attorneys
Lanny H. Darr II of Schrempf, Blaine, Kelly, Napp & Darr specializes in personal injury law, with a legal presence in Missouri and Illinois.
Jim Higgins of Higgins, Himmelberg & Piliponis is an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney trying cases throughout Tennessee.
George Allen Moore has represented a number of clients suffering personal injury and battled reluctant insurance companies for moneys due his clients in his many years of practicing law in Alabama.
  Consumer Justice Group Social Links - An interactive community with forums, blogs and much more. - View all of our video blogs in one place.
Workers' Rights Information tracks the progress of the anti-bullying legislative initiative for U.S. workplaces. Run by the national workplace bulling pioneers, the Drs. Namie.
Georgia AFL-CIO Website - Providing you with the information you need about Georgia's Unions.   
The Workplace Bullying Institute Workplace Bullying: Harassment that defies legal definition but nevertheless harms employees and costs employers. The institute posts voluminous self-help and research information.
Women' - Committed to the ongoing struggle for workplace equality, our firm provides vital advocacy for those who have been undermined and marginalized by unjust employment policies.
Workers' Rights - Jim Higgins of Higgins, Himmelberg & Piliponis is an experienced Workers' Rights lawyer working Workers' Comp as well as Wage & Hour Law cases throughout Tennessee. His website is a great resource for workers injured in Tenessee.
Legal Blogs
Employment Law Blog - Law Office of D. Jill Pugh: A general discussion of the laws affecting the workplace from both the perspective of the small business owner and that of the individual employee.
Juz the Fax - A blog of law, a fair amount of sarcasm, and a smattering of everything else. Written by New York attorney Randy L. Braun.
Legal Medicine - Legal blog for the Frith Law Firm.
May it Please the Court - A weblog of legal news and observations by Attorney J. Craig Williams.
SC Employment Law Blog - Helping South Carolina's consumers & workers when they need it most.
Schenk Law Blog - Canadian administrative law blog by attorney Johannes H. Schenk. - Exceptionally well-written blog about the law from the perspective of successful Nashville, Tennessee trial lawyer Jim Higgins. One of ours.
Women' Blog - Committed to the ongoing struggle for workplace equality, our firm provides vital advocacy for those who have been undermined and marginalized by unjust employment policies.
General Law and Consumer Advocate Links - American Association for Justice works to protect the legal rights of people who are victims of financial fraud, injured though personal or medical negligence, hurt by dangerous products and to protect the right to a trial by jury. - Website of the nation’s top-ranked public law school. - Reserved for lawyers who have obtained a settlement or verdict of at least one million US dollars for an injured client. - Best browser in the world available here. Free download. Promote diversity and help to end Microsoft’s control of information. - Understanding when you need a lawyer, for cases of serious injury, stockbroker fraud, products liability and worker’s right, and when you may not need a lawyer is important. Nolo is the most respected of many organizations selling forms on the internet. We do not endorse any specific form and strongly caution users to exercise judgment.
Public Citizen - One of the original voices for protecting the public from dangerous products. Public citizen does outstanding work in highlighting safety issues. Public citizen’s scientific panel has successfully lead the way for a number of FDA drug recalls.

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