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Stock Fraud Costs Investors' Savings
Picture this: You trust an investment firm and follow your stock broker's recommendations, feeling secure with his expertise. Next thing you know, your stocks have plummeted, the firm's CEO is all over the news defending his company against allegations of securities fraud, and your life savings is lost forever. Unfortunately, you will have been a victim of stockbroker fraud.

Despite the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decision to impose a record $1.4 billion in penalties on several top investment banks, investors remain skeptical and have little hope that brokers are giving them the whole picture regarding stocks, bonds, and other securities. The best bet for individual investors looking to recover investment fraud or securities fraud losses is to speak to an experienced lawyer regarding their stock fraud concerns. Read the Wall Street fraud story here.

Breaking Down Stock Broker Fraud
As you know, investing in the stock market can be a risky proposition. Markets and investments can fluctuate and the majority of investment losses result from such fluctuations rather than from stock broker fraud or misconduct. However, stock fraud does happen, and you should understand common forms of stock broker misconduct. Click here for in-depth descriptions of common types of stock broker fraud and securities fraud.

If you have suffered losses due to stock broker fraud, contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately. A stock fraud lawyer will give you an evaluation of your securities fraud lawsuit.


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Story #2: Victory Before the US Supreme Court

Buying a Bakery
One of the few downfalls of working with clients all over the country is that we do not always get to meet the people to whom we send settlement checks. Recently, F. Davis Morse had the privilege of hand-delivering a significant lawsuit award to a client in Virginia. Ordinarily, we send out hundreds of checks to satisfied clients and work with law firms throughout the country, but this case presented a more intimate opportunity for delivery.

bakeryAlthough he is more accustomed to the feel of a bicycle seat than the interior of a car, Morse decided to give this victory verdict all the ceremony it deserved by arriving to the meeting in a limousine. “I really care about the guy," said Morse. "He'd been so desperately sick. Besides, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that he was close enough to D.C. that I could meet him in person."

When the limo pulled into the truck stop's parking lot in the small Virgina town, Morse immediately recognized the person whose life he was about to change. The Vietnam veteran walking toward him with a blue Wal-Mart bag in hand had recently spent several dangerously ill weeks in the hospital due to a pharmaceutical company's negligence. A cholesterol drug he had been prescribed did a lot more than lower his cholesterol—it gave him rhabdomyolysis, a potentially fatal condition that causes severe kidney damage. However, thanks to good medical care and the advocacy of the Consumer Justice Group, Morse's client not only healed but successfully sued the drug company that had put the dangerous medication on the market.

Over a burger and fries, Morse's client pulled out the blue bag he'd been carrying and handed it across the table. Inside lay a gift of appreciation—a cordless mouse for Morse's computer. Morse handed over an envelope whose lightness belied the heft of its contents. The veteran paused before opening it, savoring the moment that marked the end of one era of his life and the beginning of another.

"So, what are you going to do with all that money?" Morse asked once the color returned to his client's face.

"Well, my ladyfriend and I just finished meeting with some people about buying a bakery. It's something I've always wanted to do," he smiled. "I'm going to own a bakery."

Like most of the people we work with, this veteran-turned-bakery-owner came to us because his life had been nearly devastated and forever changed by the irresponsibility of others. And, as in most of our cases, we were not able to give him back the life he had once known. We did better. We got him the compensation to create the life he'd always dreamed of.



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