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Morgan Stanley Analysts Inappropriately Influenced by Investment Bankers

From at least July 1999 through June 2001, research analysts at Morgan Stanley were subject to inappropriate influence by investment banking at the firm. According to the SEC complaint against Morgan Stanley, "One senior analyst's involvement in investment banking activities was such that several investment bankers at the firm regarded the analyst as tantamount to an investment banker." In his own self-evaluation, this analyst stated "it's notable that 96% of the $205MM in revenue was derived from clients new to the firm since 1995! And I have been very involved in this business."

Morgan Stanley was part of the global securities fraud settlement announced by the SEC and Eliot Spitzer on April 28, 2003. As part of the settlement, Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay $25 million as disgorgement and an additional $25 million in penalties.

If you have purchased shares in any of the following stocks from Morgan Stanley, you may have a potential stock fraud claim. Contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately for an evaluation of your case.

Agile Software
AT&T Latin America
iBeam Broadcasting
Sabre Group
Veritas Software

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