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Salomon Smith Barney Analysts Mislead Investors

Salomon Smith Barney stock fraud accusations are based in findings that stock analysts misled investors about stocks' performance. Investigators claim Salomon Smith Barney, a subsidiary of CitiGroup, obtained investment banking business by agreeing to give favorable analyst reports to corporate clients' stocks without actually analyzing them.

Specific cases where Salomon Smith Barney stock fraud potentially played a key role include their relations with WorldCom, formerly a powerhouse in telecommunications. Salomon Smith Barney stock fraud is suspected to include stock offerings to key WorldCom executives, while ensuring that WorldCom would make quick financial gains in exchange for future company deals. Other Salomon Smith Barney stock fraud allegations include influencing investors to make bad investments in client companies.

If you have purchased shares in any of the following stocks from Salomon Smith Barney, you may have a potential stock fraud claim. Contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately for an evaluation of your case.

  • Adelphia Business Solutions
  • AllegianceTelecom
  • AT&T
  • Broadwind
  • Carrier 1
  • Flag Telecom
  • Focal Communications
  • Global Crossing
  • GTE
  • Intermedia
  • Level 3 Communications
  • McCleod USA
  • Metromedia Fiber Networks
  • Nextlink
  • Pacific Gateway
  • PSI Net
  • Qwest
  • RCN Communications
  • Rhythms NetConnections
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Williams Communications Group
  • Winstar
  • XO Communications


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