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Stock Fraud Costs Investors' Savings
Picture this: You trust an investment firm and follow your stock broker's recommendations, feeling secure with his expertise. Next thing you know, your stocks have plummeted, the firm's CEO is all over the news defending his company against allegations of securities fraud, and your life savings is lost forever. Unfortunately, you will have been a victim of stockbroker fraud.

Despite the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) decision to impose a record $1.4 billion in penalties on several top investment banks, investors remain skeptical and have little hope that brokers are giving them the whole picture regarding stocks, bonds, and other securities. The best bet for individual investors looking to recover investment fraud or securities fraud losses is to speak to an experienced lawyer regarding their stock fraud concerns. Read the Wall Street fraud story here.

Breaking Down Stock Broker Fraud
As you know, investing in the stock market can be a risky proposition. Markets and investments can fluctuate and the majority of investment losses result from such fluctuations rather than from stock broker fraud or misconduct. However, stock fraud does happen, and you should understand common forms of stock broker misconduct. Click here for in-depth descriptions of common types of stock broker fraud and securities fraud.

If you have suffered losses due to stock broker fraud, contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately. A stock fraud lawyer will give you an evaluation of your securities fraud lawsuit.


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