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consumer justiceThe Consumer Justice Group pairs a revolutionary approach to legal practice with proven expertise and solid social values. Our mission is to provide legal information and representation to people throughout the United States. We specialize in cases where people are injured, defrauded, or otherwise abused by unscrupulous corporations. Founded in 2001 by attorney F. Davis Morse, an experienced pharmaceutical recall lawyer and a specialist in stockbroker fraud, the Consumer Justice Group has represented scores of people injured by dangerous drugs, hundreds of victims of financial fraud including stockbroker malpractice, and a host of relatives and residents in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Our lawyers belong to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum (reserved for attorneys who obtain a settlement or verdict of a million dollars or more), earned degrees from the nation's best schools, and have changed the lives of our clients profoundly. Whether it was enabling an injured vet to buy a bakery or fighting for voting rights before the U.S. Supreme Court, Consumer Justice Group lawyers have worked hard to take care of what's important: our clients' rights.

From our headquarters in Washington, DC, just blocks from the White House, to courthouses in Kansas, from Florida to California and from Southern Texas to the Illinois shore of Lake Michigan, our network of lawyers covers the country, fighting for consumers. Combining forces and creating alliances have allowed us to battle large corporations and the deep pockets of pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, and financial institutions and to win our clients the money, damages, and settlements that help them get their life back together again.

F. Davis Morse, principal attorney for the Consumer Justice Group, gained national attention when, as a plaintiff and law student, he challenged a Virginia practice in which citizens were charged a fee for the right to vote in a nominating convention for the U.S. Senate. The United States Supreme Court sided with Morse's position and found the practice in violation of the Voting Rights Act. Read the case (about 100 pages long). Davis has also successfully represented large groups of people injured by dangerous drugs and victims of financial fraud. He has long opposed the efforts of greedy corporations to deny injured workers the treatment they deserve. His primary area of interest is stockbroker fraud.

Mr. Morse works with an exclusive national network of experienced trial lawyers.

Our Affiliated Attorneys

Attorney Lanny H. Darr II, representing injured clients in Missouri and Illinois, works from his office on the banks of the Mississippi River minutes away from St. Louis, Missouri. Lanny specializes in both Missouri and Illinois personal injury law. This includes cases concerning medical malpractice, such as birth injury and nursing home abuse, and workers' rights issues, including workers' compensation and workplace accident cases.

Attorney Jim Higgins is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the most prestigious group of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership in this organization is reserved for trial lawyers who have personally obtained, via settlement or verdict, an award exceeding one million dollars for a client. Jim has been involved in workers' compensation practice throughout his legal career. In the beginning, Jim represented the industries who hurt and abuse workers until he decided not to tolerate injustice any longer and started exclusively helping people injured on the job and by the negligence of others. Jim practices in Nashville, Tennessee.

Alabama attorney George Allen Moore represents clients with catastrophic and spinal cord injuries as well as clients injured on the job. George, a native of Huntsville, Alabama, is the current president of the Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association and chairman of the board of directors of Huntsville Utilities. His law firm formed and operates the Alabama Justice Center, which is dedicated to holding wrongdoers accountable for the injuries they inflict on innocent citizens. His charm and skills as a trial lawyer have won significant damages for injury victims.

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