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Nursing home abuse is a quiet horror that often goes unnoticed.  The pain suffered by many elderly persons who find themselves in a negligent nursing home cannot be imagined.  Nursing home neglect comes in many forms.  Read the articles in our Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Newsletter to find out more about elder abuse law.  Nursing home negligence can cost the life of a loved one.  If you need a nursing home abuse lawyer or a nursing home neglect attorney, contact the Consumer Justice Group today for a free nursing home abuse case evaluation/consultation. Please share this information and help families who have suffered from nursing home abuse find the help and support they need.

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Nursing Home Abuse Discussed on Video Blog
Consumer Justice Group communications director Thomas Farringer chats about his job and gives useful information on the signs of nursing home abuse, including pressure ulcers, bruises, and staff inattention.

How to File a Nursing Home Abuse Complaint
Nursing home abuse complaints do not need to be lengthy or overly complicated. They do need, however, to include all pertinent and relevant information the investigating health agencies need to understand the situation they will be investigating. If you suspect that an elder or loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect, here are the steps you should take to report a negligent nursing home.

The Nursing Home Bill of Rights
Under federal regulations, all nursing homes are required by law to have written policies called the Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights, which describe the rights of the residents. Nursing homes are required by law to make these policies available to any resident who requests them. Read the Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Bill of Rights...

Power of Attorney: The Powers of Protection
A Power of Attorney is an important tool for ensuring the proper treatment of a loved one and preventing cases of nursing home abuse.  There are few legal documents in the U.S. as significant for elderly parents and their children as the Durable Power of Attorney.  A Power of Attorney allows a child, relative, or close friend to help their loved ones under nursing home care by acting in the exterior world on their behalf.  In trusted hands, this legal document makes a world of difference to nursing home residences. More about Power of Attorney...

Advance Medical Directive: Ensuring Family Wishes
An Advance Medical Directive (commonly referred to as a “living will”) is especially vital to the care of nursing home residents to ensure their medical wishes will be honored even if they are unable to fight for themselves. What happens to your mother or father in nursing home care after they’ve suffered a severe stroke or fallen into a coma may be decided by others unless you have an Advance Medical Directive already prepared and on file. More about Advance Medical Directive...

The Unmentionable: Nursing Home Sexual Abuse & Assaults
There are many reasons why cases of nursing home sexual abuse go unreported.  Often generational beliefs about sex and gender make it difficult for a resident to come forward.  Sometimes the abused person feels ashamed.  Sometimes they are unsure of how to define the sexual act, though they know it makes them feel uncomfortable.  Other sexually abused residents feel they have no one to speak to or suffer from dementia and are not believed. Read more about sexual abuse in nursing homes...

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