$42 Million Settlement For Nursing Home Neglect Death

settlement for nursing home neglect

Elderly Woman , B&W image by Chalmers Butterfield

Nursing Home Abuse In Kentucky Leads To Death

Nets $42.75 Million Settlement

92 year old nursing home resident Joseph Clint Offutt, of Madisonville, Kentucky, was the victim of nursing home abuse, and elder neglect. The nursing home in which he lived failed to provide him with adequate hydration, despite his having a feeding tube, and he died of dehydration.

Mr. Offutt’s family filed a wrongful death suit against Harborside of Madisonville (later renamed Hillside Villa Care and Rehabilitation Center), and Sunbridge Healthcare Corp., the corporate owner. After a three week trial a jury awarded an astonishing $42.75 million to the family of Mr. Offutt.

Do You Suspect Neglect Or Abuse Of Your Loved One?

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