Nursing Home Abuse In Maine

nursing home abuse in maine

Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes Happens All Too Frequently

89 Year Old Man Sexually Abused By Nursing Home Worker

Nursing Home Abuse In Maine Lasted For Months

89 year old Albert Wagner was sexually abused by a nursing home worker, at the Mid-Coast Senior Health Center in Brunswick, Maine. According to the Maine Council For Elder Abuse Prevention, more than 33,000 seniors are abused annually, just in the state of Maine. Nursing home abuse in Maine is not unique. Similar statistics exist in each state. Elder abuse is rampant, and all too often the victims cannot help themselves.

The Consumer Justice Group has lawyers in all 50 states, who specialize in nursing home abuse in all its heinous forms. Neglect, Off label medication for the purpose of sedation (chemical restraints), physical abuse, and (perhaps worst of all), sexual abuse. We have helped dozens of victims get the help, and financial settlements needed to recover, and protect them from further trauma.

Elder abuse, like that of Albert Wagner in Maine, can happen because the victim may suffer from dementia, or other infirmities that make reporting the abuse difficult. The worst thing is, as in the case of Mr. Wagner, when his complaints were ignored as nonsense because of his dementia.

Please learn the signs of nursing home abuse, and how to protect your loved ones. As our citizens grow older, more and more elder abuse is sure to occur. Be prepared and be protected.

If you suspect elder abuse is occurring in a nursing home, please contact us, either through the form to the right of this page, or call us at 800-887-6852, for a FREE consultation with one of our nursing home abuse lawyers. We will help you however we can.