Nursing Home Abuse Caught On Video In Dallas-Ft Worth

nursing home abuse caught on video in north texas

Nursing home abuse caught on hidden camera. Pic and video courtesy of KDFW Fox

Nursing Home Abuse Caught On Video In North Texas

98 Year Old Great Great Grandmother Beaten Regularly By Staff

Nursing home abuse is all too common in America, but thanks to the age of smartphones and the internet, it’s becoming easier to bring offenders to light. However, all too often justice is still elusive. Fortunately, having the nursing home abuse caught on video was an enormous help for the victims and families of nursing home negligence.

After finding multiple bruises, and black eyes, on 98 year old Minnie Graham, her family installed a nanny cam in her room at Winters Park nursing home, in Garland, Texas. What they found horrified and enraged them. As the video above explains, at least two staff members were recorded abusing poor Mrs. Graham.

Criminal charges were filed, but as the article shows, the police are doing almost nothing to apprehend the alleged abusers. Too often criminal justice fails the victims of elder abuse. Many times, the only justice to be found is in the civil courts. In Texas, for example, the average fine for a case of nursing home abuse, caught on video or not, is $7000. Adding insult to injury is a 35% discount given if the offending nursing home doesn’t fight the charge. Such a small fine is hardly a deterrent for negligent nursing homes.

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