Illegal Use Of Risperdal In Nursing Homes

risperdal in nursing homes

Antipsychotics Are Used By Nursing Homes To Tranquilize Residents With Dementia

1 in 5 Residents Sedated With Dangerous Antipsychotics

Off Label Use Of Risperdal In Nursing Homes Rampant

According to the New York Times the use of anti-psychotics, like Risperdal in nursing homes is at epidemic proportions.  Even with a record $2.2 billion payout for “aggressive off-label marketing of drugs” like Risperdal to be used by nursing homes to sedate dementia patients, the use continues unabated. Why?

The reason is simple. Drugged nursing home residents are easier to manage than active ones, especially with dementia sufferers. It’s easy but it’s wrong. In fact it’s elder abuse, and it’s illegal. It’s called using a chemical restraint, and it’s abhorrent. We at the Consumer Justice Group fight to defend victims of nursing home abuse, all over America. Johnson and Johnson paid billions in damages because they make so much more by marketing Risperdal in nursing homes. They can afford it.

Howard Gleckman has written an excellent article on the use of antipsychotic drugs to sedate our seniors, and we highly recommend it.

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Nursing home abuse happens more than one million times annually. The use of chemical restraints is one of the most insidious ways our elders are victimized. Be aware. Be educated to the signs of nursing home abuse, and if you suspect abuse is occurring, contact us immediately.