Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse is a quiet horror that often goes unnoticed. The pain suffered by many elderly persons who find themselves in a negligent nursing home cannot be imagined. Nursing home abuse comes in many forms. Read the articles in our Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Newsletter to find out more about elder abuse and the law. Elder abuse can cost the life of a loved one.

If you need an elder abuse attorney, contact the Consumer Justice Group today for a free case evaluation/consultation. Call our nationwide lawyer network at 800-887-6852. We have lawyers in all 50 states specializing elder abuse in nursing homes. We want to help. 

Please share this information and help families who have suffered from nursing home abuse find the help and support they need.


sexual abuse in nursing homes

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home sexual abuse, because of the physical and psychological damage the victim suffers, are the hardest stories of nursing home abuse we at the Consumer Justice Group hear and our lawyers bring to trial. Too often these criminal acts against our clients’ loved ones only come to light after many instances of abuse. Worse, for every one we prosecute, many more go unvoiced.

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6 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Many warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are overlooked or thought to be a common part of growing old. Undue pain, abandonment, and premature death should not be part of the nursing home experience. The following Six Warning Signs could save the life of your parent or prevent serious pain and harm:

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bruises from nursing home abuse

Bruises From Nursing Home Abuse?

Bruises found on a parent in a nursing home should never be ignored. Bruises (actually pools of blood beneath the skin caused by broken capillaries) heal slowly in people with poor circulation. Older people do bruise more easily, but every bruise should be treated like a question mark. Any bruise or cut requires both medical attention and an evaluation to determine its cause.

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bedsores nursing home abuse

Bedsores = Nursing Home Abuse?

Bedsores are sometimes called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers . In a sore's early stages, the skin will appear red and turn white like a sunburn when touched. If left untreated, decubitus ulcers can crater and leave muscles, tendons, and bones exposed.

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nursing home abuse dallas

Nursing Home Abuse Caught On Video In Dallas-Ft Worth

Nursing Home Abuse Caught On Video In North Texas 98 Year Old Great Great Grandmother Beaten Regularly By Staff Nursing home abuse is all too common in America, but thanks to the age of smartphones and the internet, it’s becoming easier to bring offenders to light. However, all too often justice is still elusive. Fortunately, having [...]

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Poor nursing home care increases the chance of nursing home abuse.

Nursing Home Care Ranking By State - 2014

11 States Get Failing Grades For Nursing Home Care Poor Care Is Nursing Home Abuse The quality of nursing home care varies greatly from state to state. As seen in this CBS report, more than 20% of  the states fail to provide adequate care for their nursing home residents.  The study, conducted by Families For [...]

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sexual abuse in nursing home

Portland Woman Suffers Sexual Abuse In Nursing Home

Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes An All Too Common Crime Elder abuse is a heinous offense, but when that abuse is sexual, it becomes unspeakable. The victims of sexual abuse in a nursing homes often suffer in silence. If you suspect elder abuse, sexual, physical, or psychological, contact our nursing home abuse lawyers, either through [...]

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Signs of Elder Abuse: New Laws Hurt Seniors

Signs Of Elder Abuse Older Americans are increasingly at risk of abuse in nursing homes, retirement facilities, assisted living housing and private residences. Elders who live independently rely on social services and families to stay in their own homes can be subject to elder abuse from agency employees, nurses, attendants, social workers and other care [...]

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settlement in nursing home abuse death

$42 Million Settlement For Nursing Home Neglect Death

Nursing Home Abuse In Kentucky Leads To Death Nets $42.75 Million Settlement 92 year old nursing home resident Joseph Clint Offutt, of Madisonville, Kentucky, was the victim of nursing home abuse, and elder neglect. The nursing home in which he lived failed to provide him with adequate hydration, despite his having a feeding tube, and [...]

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nursing home abuse in maine

Nursing Home Abuse In Maine

89 Year Old Man Sexually Abused By Nursing Home Worker Nursing Home Abuse In Maine Lasted For Months 89 year old Albert Wagner was sexually abused by a nursing home worker, at the Mid-Coast Senior Health Center in Brunswick, Maine. According to the Maine Council For Elder Abuse Prevention, more than 33,000 seniors are abused [...]

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gynecomastia caused by risperdal

Illegal Use Of Risperdal In Nursing Homes

1 in 5 Residents Sedated With Dangerous Antipsychotics Off Label Use Of Risperdal In Nursing Homes Rampant According to the New York Times the use of anti-psychotics, like Risperdal in nursing homes is at epidemic proportions.  Even with a record $2.2 billion payout for “aggressive off-label marketing of drugs” like Risperdal to be used by nursing [...]

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elder abuse lawyer

Elder Abuse Occurs In 1 in 3 Nursing Homes

Gov’t Study Shows Elder Abuse In 30% Of Nursing Homes Nationwide Nursing Home Abuse Is An Epidemic The study, prepared by the minority (Democratic and Independent) staff of the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee, finds that 30 percent of nursing homes in the United States — 5,283 facilities — were cited [...]

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How to File a Nursing Home Abuse Complaint

If you suspect that an elder or loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse or that the facility is inadequately staffed or maintained, there are several steps you should take. The first is to file a complaint with the state in which you live. State health agencies are required by law to investigate complaints of nursing home abuse.

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nursing home residents rights

Nursing Home Residents Rights

All facilities must insure and protect the rights of every resident and provide a clean, healthy, attractive environment. Residents are entitled to treatment regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ability to pay, or source of payment. Every resident has the right to request the name and function of all individuals providing him or her service and the identification of health care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions providing the resident with services.

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Power of Attorney: Nursing Home Abuse Protection

A Power of Attorney is an important tool for ensuring the proper treatment of a loved one and preventing cases of nursing home abuse. There are few legal documents in the U.S. as significant for elderly parents and their children as the Durable Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney allows a child, relative, or close friend to help their loved ones under nursing home care by acting in the exterior world on their behalf. In trusted hands, this legal document makes a world of difference to nursing home residences.

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Weight Loss And Nursing Home Abuse

One of the least obvious warning signs of nursing home abuse but also one of the most dangerous is sudden or severe weight loss. Weight loss can be caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, life-threatening illness, and poor quality of food. Undocumented weight loss in any nursing home resident should raise strong suspicions about the quality of care your loved one is receiving.

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lawyers nursing home abuse fda recall workers rights birth injury

Staff Inattention at Nursing Homes

The most common complaint against nursing homes as reported to state and federal agencies is the staff’s failure to respond in a timely manner. Your loved one is in a nursing home because he or she needs special care and supervision that can’t be found elsewhere. Staff inattention decreases the comfort and quality in the lives of nursing home residents and increases their risk of serious injury and death.

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Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse - Decubitus Ulcers

Images of bedsores from nursing home abuse and neglect

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Planning Health Care In Advance. Avoid Nursing Home Abuse

It is possible that because of illness or injury, you may be unable to talk to a doctor and make decisions about your treatment. You may wish to plan in advance to help make sure that your wishes about treatment will be followed if you become unable to decide for yourself for a short or long time period. If you do not plan ahead, family members, loved ones or others you trust may not be allowed to follow your wishes by making decisions for you.

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Medicare Nursing Home Comparison Tool

The consumer Justice Group takes nursing home abuse and neglect seriously. We want to help you and your loved ones with problems you have encountered, but we also want to help you prevent problems from ever occurring. Being an informed customer is one of the best defenses against nursing home abuse and negligence.

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sexual abuse in nursing homes

Find a Nursing Home Near You With Our Search Tool

Advanced National Nursing Home SearchTo conduct your search, complete one or more fields. Narrow search results by completing more fields or widen results by entering information in only a few.

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Nursing Home Abuse Protection Toolkit

Everything you need when considering a nursing home for yourself or a loved one.

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Nursing Home Abuse Press Release 1

Washington, DC (April 25, 2007) — Furthering its commitment to protecting consumers and raising awareness about corporate abuses, the Consumer Justice Group, a D.C.-based law firm and online resource for information on corporate abuses, announced today its initiative to have Americans visit loved ones in nursing homes Sunday, May 6

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Falls From Nursing Home Abuse

Our bodies’ joints grow weaker and our body balance shifts as we age. Additionally, people in their later years suffer from muscular degeneration and poorer vision. When these conditions of aging are combined with certain medications and unsafe environments found in too many of our nation’s negligent nursing homes, you have the recipe for a Warning Sign that accounts for the largest number (29%) of injury deaths in adults aged 65 and older: Falls.

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Physical & Chemical Restraints in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes use restraints in both physical and chemical forms to make residents more “manageable.” The easiest means of management is to treat patients like prisoners by limiting their mobility. A negligent nursing home staff’s convenience puts your loved one in their care in danger of strangulation, decubitus ulcers, adverse drug reactions, and reduced bone mass—not to mention the physical discomfort and feelings of frustration and loss of dignity that come when a person with otherwise full mobility is forced to stay seated for hours in a chair or lying in a bed unable to get up to use the restroom or move about.

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Nursing Home Abuse Press Release 2

Washington, DC (April 25, 2007) -- Family, friends and civic leaders are encouraged to visit nursing home residents on the first Sunday of May. Planning a nursing home visit inspires happiness for elderly residents and also provides an opportunity to evaluate the level of care provided in nursing homes.

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Advance Medical Directive (Living Will)

An Advance Medical Directive (commonly referred to as a “living will”) is especially vital to the care of nursing home residents to ensure their medical wishes will be honored even if they are unable to fight for themselves. The times when we suffer overwhelming feelings of powerlessness are our scariest moments. This is especially true for residents of nursing homes who may be unable to speak or think clearly when important medical decisions are needed. Be prepared. What happens to your mother or father in nursing home care after they’ve suffered a severe stroke or fallen into a coma may be decided by others unless you have an Advance Medical Directive already prepared and on file.

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