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One in 79 men and women in America will be diagnosed with leukemia during his or her lifetime, according to a National Cancer Institute SEER report. Though the survival rate for patients undergoing leukemia treatments has increased, leukemia continues to kill over 20,000 Americans each year. Learn more about leukemia and new treatments by clicking here.
Studies continue to show that alternative medicine can help recovery time and mental wellbeing of leukemia patients. To learn the differences between alternative and Western approaches to leukemia treatments or to find tips for seeking out an alternative healer, read our recent newsletter on Alternative Medicine & Leukemia Treatment.

Bad Blood Caused by Industry Abuses
Benzene as a known cause of leukemia has been documented since 1948 when the American Petroleum Institute officially reported a link between this solvent used in many of its industries and cases of leukemia in its workers. Their findings concluded that there is no safe level of benzene exposure. Benzene for over a decade has carried the EPA’s “known carcinogen” designation. Yet, despite these facts, industries from tire manufacturers to microprocessor factories continue to use benzene at unsafe levels, making it one of the top 20 chemicals produced in volume in the United States. Click to read more about Leukemia and the Workplace.

If you believe industry has caused your leukemia, contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately. State and federal laws limit the time you have to act in benzene cases. Let us begin work for you today.


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