Leukemia, a cancer of the bone marrow, covers four main cancer types, each with their own causes and treatments. Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) causes an abundance of immature, cancerous white blood cells. For factory workers, one of the greatest contributors to this rare form of leukemia is benzene exposure. Exposure to benzene in dangerous levels often occurs at the workplace. Firefighters, chemical plant workers, microchip and tire manufacturing, and many other occupations carry a strong risk of benzene-caused AML leukemia. Consumer Justice Group's unsafe workplace attorneys have the experience and our nationwide network of plaintiff lawyers have the reputation and legal resources necessary to win benzene lawsuits.

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What is Leukemia?
Leukemia is a cancer occurring in a bone’s marrow cells. Though images of skeletons give us the impression that our bones are solid, the rigid exterior actually houses a spongy middle called the marrow. When functioning normally, marrow cells produce the three different types of blood cells (red, white, and platelets) your body needs to carry nutrients to its organs, attack germs, and heal wounds. In leukemia patients, these marrow cells reproduce too quickly, flooding the blood with defective cells. Read more about types, treatment, and causes of leukemia…

Leukemia and Benzene
Benzene as a cause of leukemia had documented since 1928. In 1948, the American Petroleum Institute officially reported a link between this solvent used in many of their industries and cases of leukemia in their workers. Their findings concluded that the only safe level of benzene exposure is no exposure at all. But this has not stopped benzene from being in the Top 20 chemicals produced in the U.S. Read more about benzene and leukemia…

Leukemia and the Workplace
Leukemia, or cancer of the bone marrow cells affecting white blood cell production, can be caused by workplace exposure to certain chemicals. Below is a list of the most common occupations at-risk of developing leukemia through benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals.

  • Factory and Refinery Workers (especially in petroleum, pesticides, and synthetics production)
  • Firefighters
  • Fuel Attendants/Airplane Refuelers
  • Microchip Manufacturers

Unfortunately, the list does not stop here. Read more about leukemia and workplace benzene exposure…

Computer Cancer Cover-up: Microchip Production’s Link to Leukemia
Microchips: They’re in our cell phones, PCs, and even our car locks use them. But at what human cost? Learn about the serious health risks workers in the computing industry face and the difficulty microchip factory workers for IBM and other microchip manufacturers find when seeking justice for harmful workplace exposures inside these cancer-causing microchip factories…

Nice Cold Benzene Soda, Anyone?
In 2006, reacting to confirmed benzene soda cases in Europe, FDA officials pulled a number of soft drinks on the U.S. market containing dangerous levels of benzene. Benzene, a known carcinogen and agent of leukemogenesis (developing leukemia), was found in some sodas at levels 17 times the limit for safe drinking water. Previous FDA testing in 1990 had revealed that there were benzene risks, but it was not until concerned citizens conducted their own study that FDA began testing. Read more about benzene soda exposure…

Alternative Medicine and Leukemia Treatment
Western science in the last decade has gained new means of attacking cancer-producing leukemia cells, but its greatest accomplishment may be its incorporating complementary therapies into its practices. Read more about standard and alternative leukemia treatments…

Leukemia Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are the frontline of leukemia treatment today. Used to test new treatments on humans, clinical trials offer hope to many patients whose leukemia resists remission. Learn how you can take advantage of cutting edge leukemia treatments and learn the facts you need before signing up to be part of finding the next “miracle” cure. Read more about c linical trials' experiment leukemia treatments…

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