Did Benzene Cause Your Cancer?

benzene moleculeBenzene is an industrial solvent used to refine petroleum products and produce synthetics, an additive found in gasoline, and a chemical found in shoe and microprocessor manufacturing. Despite its popularity with industry, benzene is a dangerous carcinogen shown to cause leukemia and other blood disorders. Benzene carries the Environmental Protection Agency 2005’s “carcinogenic to humans” status (formerly labeled “Class A” or “known carcinogen”).

Benzene at Work

While benzene in small amounts is found in our atmosphere from natural phenomena such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions, toxic levels of exposure to this carcinogen are usually limited to the workplace. The risk of developing leukemia from benzene exposure in the workplace is high for two reasons. First, benzene is a common agent used to isolate and mix chemicals in synthetics, oil, and other industries. Second, the workplace is where hardworking Americans spend most of their day.

Benzene-Related Industries

The following is only a short list of some of the major occupations benzene affects.

benzene Oil Refinery Workers benzene Microchip Workers
benzene Car Mechanics benzene Firefighters
benzene Airplane Fuelers benzene Pesticide Workers

In vapor form benzene molecules are breathed in through the lungs. Benzene in liquid form can be absorbed through the skin. Short-term effects of massive exposure include headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness. Long-term effects of unsafe benzene exposure include symptoms that affect the blood such as bruising, anemia, and excessive bleeding. Long-term exposure to benzene also dramatically increases the risk of leukemia.

Immediate Help

If you suspect benzene and you wait, you may lose your right to file a claim.

Benzene-related illnesses such as leukemia have a strict statute of limitations (the specific time you have to begin litigation before your right to legal action expires). The statute of limitations differs from state to state.

If you are suffering from what you believe may be a benzene-related illness, do not hesitate to contact the Consumer Justice Group. We work and win for you.

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