For Lawyers

We’re Looking for Champions of Justice.

The Consumer Justice Group operates as a national association of attorneys who work on behalf of consumers and as a law firm focused on helping victims of corporate fraud, negligence and abuse. If you are an attorney with a proven record of working on behalf of the people, we want to hear from you. We maintain a network of successful lawyers and will soon begin a formal program recognizing America’s Champions for Justice.

For over a decade, we have relied on exceptional lawyers to help us help consumers. We are a small, not-just-for-profit law firm in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) that extends its scope and reach by partnering with lawyers to help people who have been defrauded and/or injured by unscrupulous corporations. Our association is new, also in Cascadia (Portland) and has ambitious plans to grow a league of consumer oriented lawyers and to foster a program for young lawyers called Attorneys for America.

Our goal over the next decade is to develop legal clinics to help train young lawyers to serve consumers who have valid claims that would not otherwise find representation in the legal marketplace while maintaining and growing our relationships with leading law firms throughout the United States.