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Legal Help for Abuse, Neglect and Fraud.

Do you need help with a serious legal problem? We may be able to help you obtain justice.

The Consumer Justice Group helps the victims of corporate fraud, negligence and abuse in two ways. Our not-just-for-profit law firm directly represents select clients in serious cases. Our law firm is based in Seattle, Washington. It has achieved significant settlements in drug recall cases, nursing home abuse claims and consumer fraud actions.

We provide legal help by partnering with lawyers throughout the United States, to help clients recover money for financial losses, justice for the injured and new lives for the abused. We have attorneys who specialize in abuse, neglect, fraud, and drug recall cases, in all 50 states.

We believe it is vital and necessary for lawyers to serve the general welfare and do social good. If you think the lawyers of The Consumer Justice Group can help you, or someone you know, contact us today. You can fill out the contact form to the right of this page, or call us at 800-887-6852. We’ll happily give you FREE case evaluation.  If you need legal help, give us a call.