Vioxx Doubles Risk of Heart Attack

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Vioxx Doubles Risk of Heart Attack

Data from a three-year study shows that use of Vioxx noticeably increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and serious blood clots. People who use Vioxx for more than 18 months have been shown to carry twice the risk of heart attack when compared to people who took a sugar pill. On September 30, Merck, the corporation that makes the anti-arthritis drug Vioxx, recalled their product. Vioxx has been taken by an estimated 84 million people since the drug was released in 1999.

The Consumer Justice Group will evaluate claims made by patients or the families of patients who took Vioxx and suffered a heart attack or stroke at no charge and without obligation. The Consumer Justice Group represents patients—never drug companies—and uses teams of physicians and attorneys to review claims. Fortis Davis Morse, the founder of the Consumer Justice Group, will personally interview claimants and oversee the entire process.

If you took Vioxx, you should go to your pharmacy today and obtain a copy of your records. You will also need to act quickly to help us evaluate your case. If you experienced a heart attack or stroke while taking Vioxx, the Consumer Justice Group can help you obtain further medical records at no cost to you.

Vioxx was approved in 1999 for treatment of arthritis and other forms of chronic pain, such as carpal tunnel. However, it is known that other drugs such as Ibuprofen are equally effective at managing pain and do not bear the risk of fatal side effects. If you have suffered a heart attack or stroke that you believe is connected to taking Vioxx, you should contact the Consumer Justice Group immediately for a free legal consultation.