Infant Mortality Rates in U.S. Hospitals

While we have some of the best hospitals and medical doctors in the world, the U.S. has one of the worst possible rates of infant mortality of any industrialized country. There are a number of issues that promote this sad state of birth injury in American hospitals, including respect for a mother’s birth plan and doctors’ readiness to perform c-sections, especially elective cesarean section.

Because of certain hospital birth practices, birth injuries in American hospitals are far too common. The chart below lists the top five worst countries for infant mortality, followed by a snapshot of where the United States falls as 180th (neighbors with Croatia and South Korea), and shows the best 22 birth countries, where the United States should rank.

The following data is taken from CIA World Fact Book, 2007.

Rank Country Infant mortality rate
(deaths/1,000 live births)
1 Angola 184.44
2 Sierra Leone 158.27
3 Afghanistan 157.43
4 Liberia 149.73
5 Niger 116.83
176 Guam 6.68
177 Lithuania 6.68
178 Belarus 6.63
179 Croatia 6.60
180 United States 6.37
181 Korea, South 6.05
182 Cuba 6.04
183 Faroe Islands 6.01
184 Isle of Man 5.72
199 Canada 4.63
200 Guernsey 4.59
201 Liechtenstein 4.58
202 Australia 4.57
203 Belgium 4.56
204 Austria 4.54
205 Denmark 4.45
206 Slovenia 4.35
207 Macau 4.33
208 Spain 4.31
209 Switzerland 4.28
210 Germany 4.08
211 Andorra 4.03
212 Czech Republic 3.86
213 Malta 3.82
214 Norway 3.64
215 Finland 3.52
216 France 3.41
217 Iceland 3.27
218 Hong Kong 2.94
219 Japan 2.80
220 Sweden 2.76
221 Singapore 2.30

Click for the CIA Fact Book’s complete list of birth mortality among nations.

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