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Consumer Justice Group

The Consumer Justice Group pairs a revolutionary approach to legal practice with proven expertise and solid social values. Our mission is to provide legal information and representation to people throughout the United States. We specialize in cases where people are injured, defrauded, or otherwise abused by unscrupulous corporations. Founded in 2001 by small group of plaintiffs attorneys who had experience in FDA drug recall cases, the Consumer Justice Group has represented scores of people injured by dangerous drugs, hundreds of victims of financial fraud including stockbroker malpractice, and a host of relatives and residents in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

We are organized as a not-just-for-profit law firm with its place of business in Seattle, Washington. Our not-just-for-profit, triple bottom line aware, public interest operating principles mean that the legal fees we earn go to support the creation of a national association of like minded lawyers who fight on behalf of consumers and to encourage the best young legal minds to work on behalf of people who are defrauded and injured

We exclusively represent consumers and never corporations.

Main Attorney

F. Davis Woods-Morse, is the managing attorney for the Consumer Justice Group. Mr. Woods-Morse has spent nearly his entire legal career working in some capacity for CJG, even while pursuing other projects. He first gained national attention when, as a plaintiff and law student (and before he and his domestic partner hyphenated their last names) he challenged a Virginia practice in which citizens were charged a fee for the right to vote in a nominating convention for the U.S. Senate. The United States Supreme Court sided with Morse’s position and found the practice in violation of the Voting Rights Act. Read the case (about 100 pages long). Mr. Woods-Morse then became a litigator in Tennessee and in suburban Washington, DC. There, he developed the mass tort program for Osborne|Craig. As a consultant, helped to develop the nursing home and Fair Labor Standards Act practice areas for the Higgins Firm. At the Consumer Justice Group, Woods-Morse has managed dozens of campaigns involving hundreds of plaintiffs, scores of lawyers and multiple millions of dollars in settlements.

Mr. Woods-Morse is fascinated by romantic relationships. He wrote a book about them and is working on another. He worked as a mediator and introduced a non-adversarial family law practice at the Eliot Law Office. He has had the good fortune to travel all over the world competing in multi-sport endurance events and qualified for membership in Mazamas by summiting Mt. Vallirica in Chile and climbing the Eliot Glacier. He has an amazing family including two teenagers, a preschooler and is expecting another child.

An advisory Board that includes members of the Million Dollar Advocacy Forum, reserved for trial lawyers who have obtained a settlement/judgment for a single client exceeding $1,000,000 guide the strategic direction of the Consumer Justice Group. A national network of lawyers enable it to do the work of representing clients.

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