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Abuse in America’s Nursing Homes
Nursing homes are supposed to be trusted places where our loved ones find the proper care and support they need. While abuse and neglect in nursing homes have declined in recent years thanks to numerous lawsuits garnering national attention, problems still persist in homes across the country from South Florida nursing homes to upper Washington state. 

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
Far too often, warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are overlooked or taken to be a normal part of growing old. Undue pain, abandonment, and premature death should never be part of the nursing home experience. Six warning signs of common nursing home abuse are: Weight Loss, Bruises, Falls, Bedsores, Restraints, and Staff Inattention.

Legal Assistance
Filing a nursing home abuse complaint does not always bring you the justice that you and your loved ones deserve. Taking legal action is often the quickest and most direct route to obtaining justice for nursing home abuse or neglect. Contact the Consumer Justice Group so we can put you in touch with a lawyer in your area specializing in nursing home abuse cases.


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Fortis Davis Morse gained national attention when, as a plaintiff, he challenged a Virginia practice in which citizens were charged a fee for the right to vote in a nominating convention for the U.S. Senate. The United States Supreme Court sided with Morse's position and found the practice in violation of the Voting Rights Act. Read the case (about 100 pages long). Davis has also successfully represented large groups of people injured by dangerous drugs and victims of financial fraud. He has long opposed the efforts of greedy corporations to deny injured workers the treatment they deserve.

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