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The Consumer Justice Group

Lawyers For Change

The Consumer Justice Group pairs a revolutionary approach to legal practice with proven expertise and solid social values. Our mission is to provide legal information and representation to people throughout the United States. We network with leading lawyers and help consumers directly in cases where people are injured, defrauded, or otherwise abused by unscrupulous corporations. Founded in 2001 by a small group of experienced drug recall lawyers and a nursing home abuse attorney, the Consumer Justice Group has represented scores of people injured by dangerous drugs, hundreds of victims of financial fraud including stockbroker malpractice, and a host of relatives and residents in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. If you think the dedicated lawyers of The Consumer Justice Group can help you, please contact us today, or give us a call at 800-887-6852. We’ll speak with you, and give a free case evaluation.


Worker’s Rights

The Consumer Justice Group has lawyers who only handle workplace and labor law issues. Our expertise ranges from representing workers injured on the job because of employer negligence, to exposing the white-collar greed of corporations who refuse to pay their workers a fair wage, and by representing clients who were unfairly terminated. We know the tricks of the trade that employers use to keep from fairly compensating employees, and we are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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fda recalls

FDA Drug Recalls

It’s a regular news headline — another prescription drug has been pulled off the market because of serious injury or even death. For years we have represented clients who have suffered serious injury from recalled prescription drugs. Sadly, there is no telling how many dangerous prescription drugs are still on the market today. But with the Consumer Justice Group’s expertise on FDA prescription drug recalls we are sure to give your case the legal expertise it deserves.

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birth injuries

Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, most injuries suffered during childbirth are the result of an unnecessary medical procedure or physician’s neglect. We have worked extensively with parents of children with cerebral palsy and represented clients who have experienced an botched C-sections which resulted in injury to the parent or infant. While we understand we cannot undo the hardships brought on by the actions of a negligent doctor, The Consumer Justice Group is there to make sure your family has the compensation and resources they
need to move forward after such a tragedy.

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nursing home abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

The thought itself is terrifying — abuse or neglect taking place in the nursing home that is supposed to be caring for your loved one. And it happens all too often. Senior citizens are frequently left without someone to fight for their rights when nursing home abuse or neglect happens. That’s where the Consumer Justice Group comes in. We understand the hardship families face in trying to find a nursing home that will treat their loved one with dignity and respect because we have delivered results for clients all across the country facing nursing home abuse.

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